“Colouring Book” by Deirdre Dyson

The London-based carpet designer embarks on a playful marketing approach


This finely crafted coloring book is the work of carpet designer Deirdre Dyson and we’re big fans of her playful, but sophisticated, approach to marketing. Because sketching and coloring carpet and textile design is intrinsic to the preliminary product development, Dyson has extended the fruits of the process into a byproduct for a younger audience. Though the coloring book doesn’t capture her knack for fusions of unique fabrics, it does allow young artists to explore color combination.


As one of London’s most successful carpet designers, Dyson’s level of expertise may seem above that of a coloring book creator, but this publication is both a marketing tool and a reminder that the development of creative skills often starts with experimentation—and at a young age. Fittingly, many of the designs—which already exist as rugs—touch on fun and interesting themes like candy, Russian nesting dolls, concentric shapes and butterflies.

deirdre_dyson7.jpg deirdre_dyson6.jpg

Dyson continually develops, and experiments with new ideas, starting off with patterns which she paints in a coloring book-like fashion. Her ability to take experimentation as far as possible while knowing exactly when to stop—a difficult skill to perfect—may inspire the same mastery and exploration in younger artists. As it seems, “Colouring Book” is only available directly from Deirdre Dyson’s London storefront, so stop by on your next trip to pick up a copy and check out her showroom of handmade carpets in person.

Colouring Book images by Lauren Espeseth, “Angulus” carpet image courtesy of Deirdre Dyson