Vermut Negre

Made in Catalonia’s Terra Alta comarca (or region) from 100% Macabeu grapes distilled with 150 local botanicals, herbs, walnuts and spices, Casa Mariol’s Spanish vermouth makes for a light, nutty and complex aperitif. Aged through a solera system, this fragrant vermouth concludes with notes of cola, candied figs and citrus.

Cancelli Rosato

The 40-year-old vines growing at the Iole Rabasco estate in Abruzzo, Italy—where Cancelli Rosato is produced—are almost all montepulciano. They’re worked by hand and never treated with chemicals. The result is a low-intervention wine (no added sulfur and no filtering, with spontaneous filtration) that’s bright and lively, with notes of red currants and strawberries and just a little acidity. Slightly chilled, it makes for a …

Gallery 2019

Nuanced and balanced, Gallery 2019 wine is a blend exclusively crafted from Chardonnay and Viognier vintages and bolstered by notes of mango, vanilla and melon. Made in sustainable small batches by family-owned winery Bedell Cellars in North Fork, Long Island, the wine’s salinity, minerality and bright acidity capture the maritime terroir from where it hails.