Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Reclaiming the world's oldest rainforest, gender identity as a human right, redressing design history and more from around the web

Benevolence Farm Opens Pathways For Formerly Incarcerated Women On 13 acres in North Carolina, Benevolence Farm—founded by Tanya Jisa—exists as an employment and residency program that helps recently incarcerated women adjust to life after prison. Through fair wages, housing and a connection to nature, this initiative provides residents with support that the criminal justice system fails to supply. While it’s creating pathways toward a sustainable, …

Ayahuasca Quests in the Peruvian Jungle

Author Wells Tower delivers a compelling and honest recounting of his ayahuasca experience in Iquitos, Peru. Beginning with an understanding that ayahuasca “ceremonies” have cropped up all over the world but the truly adventurous head to its home in the Amazon jungles around Iquitos, Tower settles in at the camp of Shaman Percy. A curandero (healer), Percy conducts Tower’s night on the hallucinogenic “medicine.” It’s …

Herbal Smoke Blend

Sourced directly from native people within Central and South America via sustainable trade, Anima Mundi Apothecary’s herbal blends, tonics and elixirs are made with love in NYC. They’ve made a special relaxing blend of medicinal herbs for Tetra that—when smoked in a pipe or vape—can decongest, clear phlegm and bacteria from lungs, and support the sinuses. Breathe deep and easy.