Aperol Celebrates its Centennial Anniversary

An apéritif and its signature cocktail swept the world

In true Venetian style, Aperol recently celebrated its 100th year with romantic decadence. The iconic brand hosted an event where many Aperol Spritz drinks were poured for guests under the Italian city’s summer sun. It was here in Venice that Aperol grew in popularity before infiltrating the US. And while the apéritif’s cult-like fanbase radically charged the brand’s rise to popularity, a large part of its …

St Agrestis Introduces Nostalgic Bottled Cocktails

Aimed at a discerning crowd, Italian-influenced ready-to-drink offerings from a Brooklyn producer

From our collective obsession with the Negroni to the refreshing spritz, summertime is the season of the bitter. While you’re likely familiar with names like Fernet-Branca, Aperol and Campari, you may be less aware of St Agrestis. Based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, St Agrestis produces exquisitely made small-batch amaro and has done for years. The flagship New York Amaro bottles are eye-catching—reminiscent of vintage apothecary bottles. And, after …

Jean de Lillet 2010

The latest limited edition from the acclaimed, elegant French aperitif brand, Jean de Lillet 2010 is created from a combination of the best Sauternes grapes from Bordeaux and an in-house orange liqueur made from the peels of sweet Spanish oranges. Aging in French oak barrels allows for a deeper, rounder taste profile of toasted vanilla in this magical vintage.