Early Majority Prioritizes People Over Product

A new multipurpose capsule from the world's first fashion degrowth company

Early Majority might be the world’s first fashion degrowth company, meaning it eschews excessive and rapid production (which the industry is prone to do despite how garments generate an estimated 92 million metric tons of waste per year). Rather, the Paris-based outdoor clothing brand prioritizes the quality and sustainability that comes from making less by leveraging a membership model to maintain a viable business while …

Sovereign Land Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

From Clothing The Gaps (a hybrid social enterprise and apparel brand), this long-sleeve “Sovereign Land” T-shirt states a fact and can work as a conversation starter about invasion, sovereignty and land rights. The Melbourne/Naarm-based collective designs and prints the garment in Wurundjeri Country in an ethical manner. Made from 100% cotton, its bold colors also echo those of the Aboriginal Flag. Price is in AUD.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Controlling lightning with lasers, transforming dumps into parks, mapping subterranean passageways and more

The First 3D-Printed Two-Story Home in the US New York design firm Hannah, Germany-based company Peri 3D Construction, and Texas engineering and construction firm Cive have partnered to create the first 3D-printed two-story home in the US—currently being built in Houston. The 4,000-square-foot, three-bedroom property will serve as a case study on how to best streamline 3D-printed construction, test the capabilities of the machine and …