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Delta Taps Small Businesses For The “Runway Runway” Collection

Smart and stylish apparel designed for travel

During LA fashion week, Delta announced a partnership with producer, writer, actress and comedian Issa Rae for their first-ever collection of travel-informed apparel and accessories, aptly titled Runway Runway. The functional yet stylish series marks a new evolution for the airline while simultaneously celebrating and uplifting small businesses and designers.

The collection comprises the work of six small businesses—Oyster, Ember Niche Eyewear, Ponto Footwear, Ana Mero Swim, Cadence and Classic Six Capsule Wardrobes—who were tasked with the brief to create a collection for travelers, by travelers. From inclusive and versatile swimwear to durable eyewear, the pieces eschew typical loungewear for an elevated and luxurious style that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

For instance, the Pacific To-Go from Ponto is thoughtfully designed to slip on or off, making a trip through TSA or getting comfortable before take-off even easier. Part sneaker and part dress shoe, the Pacific is chic enough to transition from planes to meetings, dinners and beyond. It’s even made completely of recycled and bio-based materials.

Runway Runway also champions sustainability with Cadence, a toiletry collection of six magnetic and leak-proof capsules made from recycled, ocean-bound plastic. Each is labeled with icons from Delta Blue and connect in a set of tiles for easy transport. The set, and the line as a whole, focuses on the needs of busy and stressed travelers, rethinking travel attire to be stylish, simple and pragmatic.

Images courtesy of Delta


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