Beach Towel

Bring art to the beach or pool with Barbara Kruger’s instant classic beach towel. The 100% cotton, 70″ by 60″ towel boasts the conceptual artist’s iconic text-based style and was made as part of Art Production Fund’s “Works on Whatever” series—for which artists were tapped design real-life, functional objects that were also works of art.

Misaki Kawai for Paddle8

Bazoombas and bananas inspire a collection of children's furniture

The childlike work of Japanese artist Misaki Kawai shuns expertise, embracing “heta-uma”, an anime-derived method that risks amateur aesthetics by embracing basic expression. Her approach provides a nice parallel to the world of squirming tikes, who brim with creativity but lack the motor skills of a master painter. Furry animals, banana chairs and whimsical snake benches make up “Love from Mt. Pom Pom“, Kawai’s ongoing …

SymbiosisO: Voxel

Thermochromic interactive grids invade Issey Miyake's Tribeca location

A bright blue interactive installation has taken over the walls of Issey Miyake‘s Tribeca storefront. Composed of grids of hexagonal pads or “voxels”, Symbiosis0: Voxel responds to body heat or “artifacts” left by users who touch its textile surface. Accompanying the physical responsiveness of the piece is a mobile website that enables users to design a pattern that is displayed across the polygons upon submission. …