Plush Rat Toy

Made in Bolivia by a team of indigenous women, Oeuf’s plush rat toy is crafted from 100% baby alpaca yarn, with a poly blend inside. The yarn boasts a natural water-resistance and an ultra-soft touch, so it’s perfect for little ones. It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to cotton or synthetic fabrics. This woven toy is also fair trade, so the women who made it are …

Heather Strange: Ruthless

Baby Alpaca frontman Chris Kittrell returns as Heather Stranger, his moniker for a glitzy solo project that strikes deep. With production by Dave Sitek and Christopher Hines, lead single “Ruthless” tucks Kittrell’s Morrissey-like vocals into thoughtful, pop-friendly instrumentals. Underneath it all, however, is a song about doubt and defying insecurity. A message that works well with the glittery Bryan C. Watkins-directed video.

Premiere: Baby Alpaca’s “We Belong Together”

An atmospheric celebration of love, seen through the faces of many

Off of this year’s vibrant, dreamy Under Water full-length album, “We Belong Together” celebrates love as only LA-based singer/songwriter/musician Baby Alpaca (aka Chris Kittrell) can convey. The thoughtful soundscapes of the track, coupled with lyrics evoking the natural world and inherent romanticism unite for a slow-burning ballad that rises powerfully through to the end. For the video, premiering here, Kittrell chose to acknowledge many of …