Premiere: Baby Alpaca’s “We Belong Together”

An atmospheric celebration of love, seen through the faces of many

Off of this year’s vibrant, dreamy Under Water full-length album, “We Belong Together” celebrates love as only LA-based singer/songwriter/musician Baby Alpaca (aka Chris Kittrell) can convey. The thoughtful soundscapes of the track, coupled with lyrics evoking the natural world and inherent romanticism unite for a slow-burning ballad that rises powerfully through to the end. For the video, premiering here, Kittrell chose to acknowledge many of those who have impacted him in the last few years—celebrating love in its many forms. Kittrell himself directed and edited the video, filmed by artist Benji Staker, Will Nixon, and Matt Kliegman.

“The people in the video are all friends from New York, LA, and Seattle,” Kittrell explains to CH. “It was so fun to see the way everyone reacts and feels to the song. It was so neat when I was cutting the footage together because I noticed all these moments when people were naturally in sync. Like with the swaying and smiles.” During filming Kittrell let each individual emotionally interpret the lyrics. The result is a dynamic, diverse amalgamation of soul.

Video and images courtesy of Baby Alpaca