Leather Baseball

Constructed from waxed linen thread and premium leather, this lovely handmade baseball comes adorned subtlety with Shinola’s logo. Made in accurate MLB dimensions (courtesy of manufacturer Leather Head Sports in Glen Rock, NJ) the ball maintains a similar feel to those used in professional games, and will be ideal for pick-up games or on display at home.

Word of Mouth: Wrigleyville, Chicago

Fresh fare, sophisticated hotels and more in the iconic baseball neighborhood

Chicago‘s Wrigleyville, home to the iconic ivy-colored Wrigley Field, is a haven for baseball fans—with plenty of sports bars and BBQ spots. Yet more and more, the area is expanding beyond its classic Americana reputation. Sophisticated hotels, albeit with a nod to baseball’s impact, have opened with more kinds of travelers in mind. From boutique markets to restaurants focusing on fresh and seasonal fare, this …

Velvet Baseball Cap

Made in the very same factory that manufactures caps for major league Japanese baseball teams, Poten’s caps are crafted from unexpected fabrics—like this lush velvet iteration. A soft, treated cowhide sweatband complements the 100% rayon velvet body, which comes in three sizes and elevates the entire concept of a baseball cap.