1938 World Champion British Baseball Team Jersey

A surprising moment in sports history memorialized in a gorgeously-detailed reproduction


Conceived together by Curated’s Nick Schonberger and Ian Paley of Garbstore, the 1938 World Champion British Baseball Team jersey commemorates an historic yet forgotten series between England and the U.S. Dubbed the first official baseball World Cup by the International Baseball Federation, the five-game series saw England take their opponent in a four-to-one victory, including two shut outs—one of which took place in front of 10,000 spectators at Liverpool’s Wavertree Stadium.

The jerseys are produced with exacting detail by What About Villa? Forgotten Figures from Britain’s Pro Baseball League of 1890,” Joe Gray, explains—since “England subsequently came to compete as part of Great Britain, the record books show Great Britain as the first world champions.”


The baseball jersey is also the upshot of two passions—Schonberger an American history buff and Paley an enthusiast of mid-century American sports. The 1938 World Champion British Baseball Team jersey will be available later this month from Barneys New York and the Garbstore for £235.