Topaz Spike Bowl

Handmade in Beacon, New York, this five-inch-tall glass bowl features three gentle spikes to keep it balanced and upright. It’s delicate (though dishwasher safe), semi-translucent and big enough to hold snacks or a handful of jewelry. Cast and sandblasted, the object’s distinct near-orange color glows from beneath a soft matte finish.

Lee Ufan Installs 20,000 Steel Rods in Sand at Dia:Beacon

An exploration of the Mono-ha movement through the work of one of its pioneers

Unbound and spellbinding, “Relatum (Iron Field)” (1969/1994/2018) is one of five large-scale Lee Ufan works currently on display at Dia:Beacon. To see it—a sandy spill of a sculpture, pierced by 20,000 reed-like steel rods—means understanding the values of Ufan and the Mono-ha movement he pioneered. Active from 1968-74, the loosely affiliated Mono-ha artists set basic materials (manmade and natural) in opposition to one another, in …

Hudson Valley Brewery Makes Beer Based on Instinct, Not Instructions

This upstate New York upstart is already drawing drinkers by the hundreds

Hudson Valley Brewery, a mid-level upstart, has the prowess of a business bound for broader horizons. Their beer—oftentimes pillowy, velvety or (on the occasion when its sour) almost more like Kombucha than beer—is consistently named among the best in the country. The brand’s success thus far certainly pertains to the fact that beer doesn’t have to fit into any theoretical box. Other, stricter drinks—like wine or …