Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury for Sybarites

Paradise Found: An Erotic Treasury for Sybarites compiles and contextualizes the pioneering work of sexual anthropologist and designer Betony Vernon. Written by Vernon, the book explores empowering, sensual design, jewelry as a form of the erotic and advice on how to use these tools to heighten pleasure. Tantalizing and riveting, the trove uncovers new sides to desire, sex and design.

The Boudoir Bible

Betony Vernon's guide to modern sex and seduction

Aiming to annihilate notions of taboo in the modern bedroom, Betony Vernon presents “The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today” as a stimulating guide to the sexual landscape. Appropriately cloaked in pink bondage ropes, the cloth-covered tome also comes with ringing endorsements from burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and designer Philippe Starck. This mix of accolades would only be appropriate for someone like …