The Boudoir Bible

Betony Vernon's guide to modern sex and seduction


Aiming to annihilate notions of taboo in the modern bedroom, Betony Vernon presents “The Boudoir Bible: The Uninhibited Sex Guide for Today” as a stimulating guide to the sexual landscape. Appropriately cloaked in pink bondage ropes, the cloth-covered tome also comes with ringing endorsements from burlesque performer Dita Von Teese and designer Philippe Starck. This mix of accolades would only be appropriate for someone like Vernon, who straddles metalsmithing and couples therapy with her erotic jewelry collection, Paradise Found.


Vernon’s success as an amorous advisor and sexual anthropologist have made her a permanent figure in the realm of sexual consultation, often lending expertise to leading magazines and television programs. Until now, Vernon’s role as sexual sage has mostly been limited to a handful of clients, with “The Boudoir Bible” dropping as her first book on the subject. In the work, Vernon shows you the ropes—along with the whips, chains, clamps and harnesses—to sexual satisfaction.

But the book isn’t all role reversal and BDSM—Vernon’s intent isn’t to frighten the uninitiated, but to guide seasoned lovers in the art of 21st-century sex. Much in the way that “The Joy of Sex” opened eyes to the 70s-era erotic technique, Vernon hopes to inform a new generation in marginally deviant acts.


Wonderfully and instructively illustrated by François Berthoud, the book is also replete with down-to-earth and occasionally cheeky language from Vernon. The author introduces subjects like anal hygiene and erotic restraint with the erudition of a historian, the wit of an entertainer and the honesty of a close friend.

“The Boudoir Bible” is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Images of the book by James Thorne