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Limited Edition Women’s 100 Cap


Designed by STUDIO NARI (founded by award-winning graphic designer Caterina Bianchini) for renowned cycling brand Rapha, this cotton cap celebrates the 10th annual Rapha Women’s 100—a 100km ride that the brand hopes …


Bunya Brisbane Bramble Cap


Made to celebrate MAAP’s ride with Semi-Racer in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia), the Bunya Brisbane Bramble Cap is part of the brand’s Field ride series—wherein familiar local routes are reimagined. Made in Italy …

Pas Normal Studios

Control Neck Tube


Designed to keep you warm during rides in the coldest months, Pas Normal Studios’ one-size-fits-all neck tube proves heavy enough to combat wind, but is still comfy and flexible. Its Polartec® Power …

Thousand + Poketo

Memphis Movement Helmet


Available in three sizes, Thousand and Poketo’s collaborative Memphis Movement helmet is lightweight, safe and stylish. There’s a hidden hole for locking the helmet to your bike, seven vents for optimal breathability, …


Waterproof Rear Pack


Designed to attach beneath your bike’s saddle, Rapha’s waterproof rear pack features enough straps to remain tightly fastened and a clever design that balances (and transfers) weight during rides. With a 15-liter …

Shinola + Map of Days

Leather-Covered Bike Chain


Measuring just under three meters long, Map of Days and Shinola’s leather-wrapped chain bike lock is stylish and protective. The Horween Essex leather shields the heavy-duty chain within, and protects a bike’s paint …


Flashlight First Aid Kit


Intended for use when hiking or camping, VSSL’s portable first aid kit actually applies to all kinds of sports and adventures. The same size as a traditional flashlight (just over nine inches), …