Winter Biking Apparel + Accessories

From garments to gear, everything cyclists need to maintain pedal pleasure through colder months

Seasoned cyclists and rookies alike have been riding for practicality and play through the warmer months, but as the weather shifts so must the approach of many bikers. To maintain cycling’s appeal and safety, even in incumbent weather, the right gear is crucial. Here we have gathered some of our favorite products to keep you warm, protected and more comfortable as you pedal through winter.

FS260-Pro Thermo Bibtight

It’s true: many road bikers really do cycle throughout the winter for pleasure. One key product to maintain enjoyment in the biting cold is a set of bibs. Endura’s FS260-Pro Thermo Bibtight II ($170) may not be the most appealing garment, but they encase the legs and lower torso in a layer of thermal stretch fabric. Available in women’s sizes as tights, this item provides insulation and comfort while repelling water and keeping a layer of warm air between your skin and the chilly world outside.

Brevet Long-Sleeve Windblock Jersey

CH favorite Rapha produces high-quality gear that never sacrifices on style, and their Brevet Long-Sleeve Windblock Jersey ($195) promises to keep a cyclist’s upper-body cozy on cold days while still offering a range of motion. Specifically designed for riding in low light, the jersey features high-visibility stripes around the chest, on the left arm and on the back. There are also tons of pockets for your essentials—including one specifically to store the Brevet Insulated Gilet ($180), a padded vest that can be added or shedded throughout a ride as the temperature changes.

Ion 100 R/Flare R City Bike Light Set

No single element increases cyclists’ visibility for drivers more than running lights. One powerful option, Bontrager’s Flare R City and Ion 100 R front- and rear-facing lithium light set ($70) creates a wide, steady beam on misty mornings and austere afternoons. Secured to your bike using a simple bracket, the lights are USB-chargeable through a cable that’s included in the set. Even visible on sunny days, these lights provide riders with an extra layer of protection.

Attack MAG Glasses

During winter, keeping the cold wind out of your eyes improves vision (and enjoyment) but sunglasses won’t always be ideal. For gloomy conditions, Smith’s Attack MAG glasses ($259) with photochromic lenses are ideal—and come in nine color options. The lenses are completely clear on overcast days but shift to a soft gray when exposed to sunlight. Also included are easily interchangeable rose-colored lenses for actively brightening up details on the darkest days.

Pearl Izumi Lobster Gel Gloves

All cyclists, no matter their skill level, will agree that ice-cold hands make a ride unpleasant to say the least. Pearl Izumi (founded in 1950) continues to make cold weather gear with aplomb. For the coldest days, their mitten-like AmFIB Lobster Gel Gloves ($85) prove incredibly effective. The unique designs keeps two sets of fingers paired (akin to the Vulcan salutation) but allows unfettered use of gears and brakes. Available in two colorways, they also feature a 3D gel insert for handlebar comfort and a touchscreen-friendly finger pad.

Chapter MIPS Helmet

Thousand’s latest helmet, the 360-gram Chapter MIPS ($135) boasts a brain protection system that better absorbs impacts to prevent concussions. For even more safety and visibility, the Chapter also comes with a flashing red LED light that magnetically attaches to the back of the helmet and turns on automatically. With a run time of two hours (when flashing) or one hour on solid, the extra light keeps you safer through dark mornings and afternoons. Available in three colorways (black, white or navy), each comes with a small peak to reduce glare.

ELEMNT ROAM Biking Computer

The clever, GPS-enabled Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM ($380) displays pertinent information such as time of day, mileage and speed. Using a third-person app like Strava, users can lay in complicated routes through cities or backroads and the Wahoo gives clear turn-by-turn directions. Paired to your cellphone, the Roam also displays text messages and phone calls. Making sure you are contactable and on the right track (especially when riding unfamiliar routes) is always smart cyclist behavior, especially when the conditions are slippery, dark and more dangerous.

Giro Chrono Pro Neoshell Jacket

Come the wet and windy, Giro’s Chrono Pro Neoshell Jacket ($300)—made in traditional men’s and women’s sizes—proves ideal for commutes or long, leisurely rides. Stretchy and yet impermeable by many winter elements, this garment boasts a media port in the chest pocket (protecting your cellphone from rain or snow) and a soft chin-guard at the top of the zipper that keeps cold skin from becoming irritated. Breathable yet waterproof, this garment also features reflective elements to keep you visible.

Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image courtesy of Rapha