Psychedelic Liberation Training Explores Decolonization Through Hallucinogens

Charlotte James' program aims to decolonize the self and dismantle ethnocentricity within the burgeoning industry

Throughout her first decade of participating in ceremonial psychedelic events, Charlotte James—former co-founder of the educational platform The Ancestor Project—remained one of very few people of color in attendance (if not the only). “The question started to rise more and more: why are there not more BIPOC people in this space, especially because a lot of these medicines come from our traditions?” she tells us. …

Studio Visit: Multi-Disciplinary Artist Chella Man

Paintings, interactive art and more that explore disability, gender, race and sexuality in Industry City

Fluidity informs almost everything about Chella Man: his painting, performance and sculptural works and his identity as a deaf, trans-masculine, Jewish and Chinese artist. An actor, activist and model and former contributor to them and designer for Opening Ceremony, Man is a multi-hyphenate whose ever-growing list of titles further supports his practice of investigating the intersections between race, gender, disability and sexuality. Nowhere is this …

Mochi Gummies Clips

California- and Korean-inspired smokewear brand Sundae School collaborated with Seattle-based accessory designer Chunks to create the Mochi Gummies Clips. Delightfully small and colorful, the three clips keep small hairs in place while channeling the joy of the sugary treat they’re named after. Sundae School also donates a portion of every sale to a charity of the buyer’s choice: including NARAL, Fund Texas Choice and others.