Roaming Restaurant Gay4U Provides Free Meals to Trans People of Color

Oakland-based Cellphone (founder of Hella Vegan Eats, creator of the queer-centered market GayMart and organizer of Trans Skate Parties) has been “queering the Bay Area culinary scene” for decades. An advocate and pioneer of LGBTQ+ issues and intentional celebrations, their latest venture is a roving vegan restaurant called Gay4U and is dedicated to serving trans people of color free meals regardless of their financial circumstances. Currently shifting from its West Oakland brick-and-mortar to a roaming establishment, Gay4U will travel across the country (and potentially internationally) to share treats like snow mushroom chicharrón birria, fermented cashew-cojita cheese and other creative dishes. “I get to make food for a living, and I am going to make you a dish, and you don’t have to worry about [feeding yourself] today,” says Cellphone. Their free policy serves as a way to ease the disproportionate burdens trans people of color endure and acts as an opportunity for others to reflect on why this is the case. Find out more at Them.

Image courtesy of Evan Benally Atwood/Them