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Merger of Two Black Holes Predicted

Astronomers are watching two highly eccentric black holes in a “gravitational tango” that might result in them merging—an event that astronomers have predicted but have never witnessed before. The cosmic incident could …

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Cosmic Cloud Has “Heartbeat”

A decade’s worth of data from NASA’s gamma-ray space telescope has revealed a “heartbeat” at the center of a cosmic gas cloud which seems to be beating in sync with a neighboring …

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30 Years of Photos From the Hubble Telescope

Fresh off a celebration for the Hubble Space Telescope’s 30th birthday, National Geographic took time to peruse and publish select photos from the remarkable research tool’s past three decades. Living well beyond its …

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Explaining Black Holes in Five Ways

Research astronomer Varoujan Gorjian (whose team at NASA is called Structure of the Universe Group) explains Black Holes to five different individuals whose understanding exists at five different levels: a five-year old, …