Scientists Claim Hairy Black Holes Resolve Hawking’s Paradox

New research claims to have resolved one of the biggest scientific paradoxes, first identified by Stephen Hawking in the 1970s, pertaining to black holes. Einstein’s general theory of relativity posits that anything that goes into one cannot come out, yet at the same time, the laws of quantum mechanics say that this is impossible. This contradiction raises the possibility that either theory could be flawed, a notion which dramatically upends how we understand the universe. In a world’s first, however, scientists found a solution, which they call “quantum hair.” This concept allows information that goes into the black hole to come out again without violating the principles of physics. “One of the consequences of the Hawking paradox was that general relativity and quantum mechanics was incompatible. What we are finding is that they are very much compatible,” says University of Sussex’s Prof Xavier Calmet. Learn more about this revolutionizing idea at BBC News.

Image courtesy of EHT/BBC News