OB-4 Radio

Teenage Engineering’s sleek, portable high-fidelity OB-4 enhances traditional radio and speaker capabilities while delivering new music listening experiences. Compatible with line input, Bluetooth, FM radio and disk, the OB-4 produces powerful sound through four tailor-engineered speaker elements and two four-inch bass drivers, lasting 40 hours on a single charge. The true magic of the speaker, however, is its ability to memorize everything it plays on …

Daisy Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Flower-shaped and splash-proof, this daisy-shaped Bluetooth speaker livens up shower or bath time with music or podcasts. The speaker, made from 50% plastic and metal, is rechargeable thanks to a lithium-ion battery and cleans easily with a wipe. The suction-cup backing enables the three by two-inch frame to stick to a wall, fitting seamlessly into a bathroom.

Field Test: Sonos Move Portable Speaker

We take the new device outside to find out how capable it really is

Sonos pretty much rules the networked home audio sector. From a systems approach—where you can start with one speaker that streams over WiFi and then add to the network with more speakers for more rooms—they’ve nailed affordability, usability and scaleability. What the brand lacked was portability. Now with the new Move speaker, Sonos lets your bring music wherever you roam. Portable speakers are nothing new and, like …