ComfyBoy Cap

From Actual Source Books—a publisher, bookstore, brand and collective design studio based in Provo, Utah—comes a forest green cap with the brand’s name embroidered in fluorescent thread. Made in the USA, it’s one-size-fits-most, and can be adjusted thanks to a marine-grade bungee strap at the back.

LA Bookstores Offering Delivery + Pick-Up

Some of our favorite independent purveyors of all kinds of stories worth diving into

Reading—whether it be a biography, work of non-fiction, or fairytale—is transportive and educational. We learn and grow from writers with every turn of a page. While we’re consuming information at an alarming rate, even the most dense and serious books can create an oasis. With this in mind, we’re urging our audience to purchase directly from their local independent bookstores—most of which are more than …

NYC Bookstores Offering Delivery + Pick-Up

Support small business when pursuing your literary desires

Shopping might be faster through billion-dollar corporations, but there’s no store quite as charming or magical as the independent bookshop. And even though we can’t peruse the shelves of our favorite indie booksellers right now, while chatting with employees about their recommendations, we can support these crucial businesses by purchasing from them online. Even if you’re not a big reader, most of these stores also …