Mystic Box

Coming in several fun shapes, DOIY’s collection of “Mystic” ceramic boxes provides playful ways to store jewelry and trinkets. Available in various shapes—including this heart, as well as a sun, moon and crystal ball—these vessels are practical but offer a touch of magic. Price is in Euros.

Robb Vices’ Clase Azul Tequila

A limited edition, collector-worthy reposado, extra-matured in sherry casks

Some days it feels as if we are only at the dawn of tequila’s golden age—from a growing global appreciation to avid collectors and an ever-developing roster of super-premium products unlike any other. A new 20th anniversary Clase Azul tequila joins the ranks of the latter—and it’s only available in one place. Robb Vices, the luxury membership box platform imagined by some of the people …