Robb Vices’ Clase Azul Tequila

A limited edition, collector-worthy reposado, extra-matured in sherry casks

Some days it feels as if we are only at the dawn of tequila’s golden age—from a growing global appreciation to avid collectors and an ever-developing roster of super-premium products unlike any other. A new 20th anniversary Clase Azul tequila joins the ranks of the latter—and it’s only available in one place. Robb Vices, the luxury membership box platform imagined by some of the people who built Robb Report, happens to have access to it. The boxes have always been designed for lovers of the luxuriant, with a mix of rare and unique items including spirits and wines. It’s a pillar of the program that vice often initiates select virtues worth appreciating—and even sharing. Clase Azul’s Reposado 20th Anniversary Limited Edition anchors July’s Robb Vices box—and while subscribers have already received this surprise, we’ve gotten access to it for CH readers (more on that below).

Daniel Curtis (CEO of Robb Vices) notes this collaboration was years in the making and began thanks to his friendship with Clase Azul founder and CEO Arturo Lomeli. The brand’s become known for its Ultra Añejo, which can fetch prices up to $300 per glass. This product, however, is even harder to get ahold of. The run has been for 7,300 bottles, but this special edition exists outside the allotment and for Robb Vices members only. The 20th anniversary reposado edition, crafted only from highland Blue Weber agave, underwent an extra maturation process in sherry cask from the south of

Spain (one-third of which were Amontillado sherry casks, one-third were Oloroso sherry and the last third was from Pedro Ximénez sherry). This ultimately bolstered the roasted agave flavors of the spirit with caramel and spice. It’s a stunning tequila with a taste profile rich and delicious.

Another known attribute of Clase Azul happens to be the iconic shape of its ceramic bottle. Curtis went down to the brand’s factory and met the artisans who sculpt the bottles one by one, and the artists who paint them by hand. This particular bottle was inspired by the magic Curtis felt from the agave fields to bottling. As the Robb Vices team notes, this is the type of bottle that will not only retain value but also accrue it, presenting the conundrum: does one drink it or save it? They believe it only makes sense to consume it with friends.

Whether it’s looked at as a collector’s item or a tasty tipple, Clase Azul’s Reposado 20th Anniversary Limited Edition bears all the attributes that appeal to connoisseurs. From the vivacious palate to a lingering smoothness, it’s a well-produced, high-quality tequila. And, in the context of the Robb Vices box, it’s the anchor product surrounded by other hand-selected pieces.

While it was in the July box (which members received earlier this week), Clase Azul’s Reposado 20th Anniversary Limited Edition is available to Cool Hunting readers who sign up for a three, six or 12 month membership program and apply the code TEQUILAHUNTING before the end of this month. The Clase Azul edition of Robb Vices will then ship as a welcome gift along with the new membership. It’s worth noting that remaining quantities of the tequila are very limited. You can join Robb Vices online.

Images courtesy of Robb Vices