Interview: Artist Josh Smith On His Process and The Large-Scale Abstractions in “Keyhole”

Understanding the artist's latest work from his Bushwick studio to Xavier Hufkens gallery in Brussels

Recently on view at Xavier Hufkens gallery in Brussels, Josh Smith’s Keyhole comprised a new collection of large-scale, colorful abstract paintings and figurative monotypes. One of the best-known contemporary painters of his generation, Smith has walked the line of representational art, text-based painting and abstraction. The artist divides his time between New York and Tennessee, and has a massive studio in NYC’s Bushwick, where he …

Aboard the 2getthere Autonomous Shuttle

In a pilot program at the Brussels Airport, the shuttle is an example of realistic autonomy

Dutch-based 2getthere has been producing autonomously driving shuttles long before the concept became popular in the car industry. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding autonomous driving, but we’re still a long way from a safe, practical, and widely used application. In the meantime, 2getthere believes development of their shuttles for public use provides a realistic move toward autonomy. “Dedicated lanes are the best first …

CH Global Spin: Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels

Sight and sound are of equal importance when visiting this fantastic trove of melodious artifacts

Sponsored by Star Alliance and Marriott TRAVELER

by Karen Day Do you know what a serpent chandelier sounds like? Or, perhaps more importantly, did you know that a serpent chandelier is a tuba-esque wind instrument? It’s surprising encounters like these that make exploring Brussels’ Musical Instruments Museum such a wondrous affair, but it’s the institution’s dense audio guide that makes it an incredibly well-rounded experience. At five stories tall and home to …