Sonic Sandwich: LunchtimeListens Session 9

Just over an hour’s worth of chill tunes for all occasions, LunchtimeListens Session 9 marks our editor-at-large Karen Day’s musical vision for the new sandwich concept restaurant Sonic in London. From Tim Buckley to Norma Fraser, Carla Thomas, The Andrews Sisters, and more, these tracks accompany just about any meal and all moods.

London’s Burgershack

The creative mind behind Burgerac manifests his obsession in a laid-back joint where high quality burgers and good times reign supreme

Since meeting London-based Burgerac several years ago, CH has kept a close eye on this burger fanatic’s creative interests. From reviewing almost every hamburger he came across and putting it online and in an app, to creating his own Burgermat Show (a one-night-only art exhibition and pop-up dinner), to collaborating with artists like Rob Flowers and Crispin Finn on burger-themed products to creating our recent …

Burgerac’s Bangin’ 4th of July Barbecue Mix

The London-based burger detective mixes up some swampland hits in celebration of America's independence

As the United States celebrates its independence from the United Kingdom 238 years ago we find it only appropriate to share in the joy that, while no longer part of Great Britain, America thrives in an ongoing friendship with our English-speaking friends on the other side of the Atlantic. With that in mind, we present a mix of swampy jukebox tunes from London-based burger fanatic …