Burgerac + Rob Flowers Tray

A melamine ode to McDonald's from two of London's creative burger aficionados


Burger lovers and illustration aficionados alike will delight in the latest collectible from London’s infamous burger detective, Burgerac. Part of the his ongoing burger art collaboration series, which started in 2011 with the Burgermat Show, Burgerac’s new tray features a design by artist and fellow burger enthusiast, Rob Flowers. Originally created as a print for the Burgermat Show, Flower’s illustration features a spectacular cartoon tribute to the iconic fast food tray.


Populated by a recognizable cast of characters, the tray is an ode to McDonalds’ golden arches and the burger’s influence on pop culture. Despite its fast food theme, the melamine trays are produced in small batches at a specialty manufacturer in the UK. Burgerac tells us, “I just want to make nice things with great artists that bring people joy and support our economy. I’m not interested in mass producing anything in China!” Decorative and functional, the trays are dishwasher-safe and
are mailed fresh to your door in cheeky pizza boxes.

You can purchase your own Burgerac + Rob Flowers tray for £30 within the UK. Check out the rest of Burgerac’s projects—like the ultra useful Burgerapp app—online at Burgerac.