Wheelie Cargo

Ollie around the world with Burton's redesigned roller bag

Having fallen in love with the way Burton’s Wheelie Cargo spins 360 degrees on its skateboard wheels, I was eager to check out the recently redesigned version after years of abuse left mine with busted zippers. A two-week trek around Europe presented the perfect opportunity for a real road test—rolling it over cobblestone streets, squeezing it into tiny elevators and shoving it onto planes, trains …

Three Questions For Five Burton Riders

CH recently had the chance to catch up with some of Amazon.) We asked them all the same three questions and naturally they supplied some rather entertaining answers. What was your biggest fail?Mads Jonsson (below, right): I broke my arm during a contest earlier this year. It was snowing a lot, I was just warming up, and that was it for the rest of the …

Cool Hunting Video Presents: How to Make a Burton Snowboard

We travel to Burlington to learn what goes into a snowboard from Chris Doyle, Burton's veteran board developer

by Gregory Mitnick Traveling to Burlington, Vermont, our video visits Burton’s snowboard manufacturing center to learn about their handmade process and prototyping techniques. Chris Doyle, the brand’s “mad scientist” who’s worked with founder Jake Burton since 1996, gives a behind-the-scenes tour explaining what makes their snowboards industry leaders.