Still Life 2008


This past winter star Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara was always blogging about his epic snowboarding trips all over the world. The snow-covered old growth terrain was always so inviting but I also took note of the brightly colored minimalist jackets that he and his crew would wear and wondered what brand they were sporting. Through a Neil Harmon photo essay on Honeyee called Still Life 2008, we now realize —and confirmed with a Burton source—that Fujiwara and his team were product-testing some designs we can expect from Burton's [ak] Fall/Winter 2008-9 collection. Some minor details of the gear might change by the time of release but the photos serve as a nice sneak peek of things to come.


I love the use of all the bright colors and we've heard that the bright blue colorway (above right) will be dominant throughout the upcoming collection. The pinks, blues and reds contrast well against the clean snow making for even more dynamic shots. We'll have to stay tuned for info regarding new applications and materials. If nothing else, it's well worth a look for the stunning snowboarding photos of places you've most likely never seen. You can choose from two galleries, either Tomamu or Hakkoda.