Chef Matt Horn Previews His Soon-To-Open Oakland Spot, Horn Barbecue

Fresh off a collaboration, Horn discusses Black cooking in America, the importance of the proper tools, and more

Chef Matt Horn’s first foray into feeding the masses was at a farmer’s market in Tracy, California. In the years prior, he mastered BBQ—the techniques, timing, rubs, types of wood and beyond—in his spare time, in his grandmother’s backyard. By the time he was plating brisket, ribs, and the ilk, he was growing confident but admittedly unsure about launching at the market. He began to …

Vibrant Blue Bioluminescence Photographed at Newport Beach

Thanks to a friend’s tip-off, photographer Patrick Coyne ventured to Newport Beach from his Orange County home to capture images of a bioluminescence show dancing atop the waves. The friend recognized a “red tide,” which sometimes washes a specific type of bioluminescent phytoplankton close to shore. When night arrived, Coyne walked toward the water, capturing video and taking photos that have since attracted the attention …

Touring Shel Silverstein’s Fanciful Former Houseboat

In Sausalito, California’s picturesque Richardson Bay, children’s book author Shel Silverstein’s former houseboat floats on the waters like a ramshackle wonderland that only his imagination could dream up. Inside the 1,200-square-foot WWII-era balloon barge, old meets new as reclaimed architectural features and colorful stained-glass windows jostle with contemporary upgrades. See more photos at Apartment Therapy.