Grommet Strap

Available in five colors, the Grommet Strap can be used on cameras or attached to just about any kind of bag. Crafted from 100% calf skin in Instanbul, it’s minimally branded and offers a little edge with its practicality.

Hang Camera Strap

Measuring between 47 to 51 inches, Hardgraft’s elegant coal hang camera strap seamlessly binds grey felted wool and rich, vegetable-tanned leather. It’s produced in Italy from locally sourced materials. Also included, metal split rings that allow the strap to work with most cameras.

Camera Swagg

Photographers know the burden of carrying around two or more cameras in order to never miss that perfect moment. Lightening the load is Oklahoma-based Matthew Swaggart, whose sturdy, handmade leather multi-camera harness (dubbed the “MoneyMaker”) lets you shoot with speed, comfort—and style. He’s now created an alternate version—to the delight of his vegan friends—made from cotton canvas, making the straps even lighter and also affordable. …