Peak Design’s Modular Camera Straps

A camera sling and hand strap with quick connecting links for swapping straps on the move


As any photographer that’s been around the block before will attest, few things are as irritating as equipment getting in the way of a shot, whether it’s restrictive straps or just poorly designed attachment points that take too much time to adjust. San Francisco’s Peak Design aims to tackle the issue with their soon-to-be-shipped Kickstarter-funded products. Touting two straps with a modular connecting system, Peak Designs wants to make the gear carrying your camera an afterthought by making adjusting quicker than ever and removing or swapping straps as easy as pushing a button.

PeakDesign-anchor1.jpg PeakDesign-Anchor2.jpg

The Slide camera strap can be worn as a neck, sling or shoulder strap with a slick side for ease of movement, and a grippy side to ensure a steady shot when desired. The thick, seatbelt-style webbed nylon strap is sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest set-ups and comfortable at the same time, thanks to hidden interior padding. The Clutch strap is an upgraded hand strap, with a carabiner style quick-adjusting strap. Both feature the brand’s signature Anchor Links, which can be used with most any camera synch, allowing the user the ability to detach straps at a moments notice—similar to those used by TannerGoods on their SLR camera strap.

Find more information on Peak Design’s latest products on Kickstarter, where they appear for their third successful time.

Photos by Gregory Stefano