Travel Edition Cameras

Travel and photography go hand-in-hand so it makes sense that Lomography created Map Editions for the Diana, Diana Mini, Fish Eye No 2 and La Sardina. As if Lomographers didn’t already have the cutest cameras around, these take the cake!

Paul Smith for Leica

Sir Paul Smith has decked out the X2 in orange, yellow, and British racing green. This ultra-classy camera features an engraved lightbulb on the flash cover and a calfskin camera strap and case. Price in Euros.

Ice Light

Ultra-mobile lighting for photography and videography

High-end DSLRs and portable microphones may get low-budget photo and video shoots a good way towards a professional look, but a full lighting setup remains hard to fake. Enter Ice Light, a portable, handheld lighting system that delivers a daylight-balanced LED glow for illuminating subjects on the go. The device is flicker-free and ideal for self-lighting in portraits, although a universal mount can be used …