Visualante’s Newham Camera Backpack

Technical considerations meet skate and street style

Photographers and videographers don't have many style options when it comes to camera bags. The powers that be have a habit of combining machine-like functionality with techy looks. In short, photo bags are made for gearheads. Fledgling camera accessories brand Visualante out of Stockholm is rioting against the norm, building stylishly simple bags for the skate and street crowd. Their "Newham Camera Backpack" recently landed at CH HQ, and we have to admit we're digging their approach. Visualante's team of extreme sport shooters understand their target audience, who are looking for full protection, modular organization and a street-ready look.


The main compartment is essentially a large, lightweight cavity that houses two smaller bags—a large compartment sack and a smaller two-slot case. Each of the smaller bags can be removed for individual use or accessed via the rear of the backpack. The backpack's exterior has four quick-access pockets, a padded laptop sleeve and horizontal fastenings meant to secure a skateboard. Visualante's fondness for skate culture can also be witnessed in their "Reference Deck" (a skate deck with black, white and 18% gray shades for white balancing), colorful fisheye lenses and the backpack's optional electric blue and green colorways.


The larger of the two interior bags is a customizable approach to lens and camera storage, with velcro-secured panels that are easily removed and modified. Those shooting with multiple lenses at a time will appreciate the full flap cover, which unveils neatly arranged gear like a dentist's tray for ease of of access. For less bulky transport, the smaller bags can be toted along separately.

The Newham Camera Backpack will be available Fall 2012 from Visualante for €150.

Images by James Thorne