Artist Liu Bolin’s Disappearing Act at Maison Ruinart

A photo series of meticulous camouflage within the champagne house's property in Reims

Throughout his startling and political career, Chinese artist Liu Bolin‘s multi-step “Invisible Man” work has bound together location, precise calculation, and layer upon layer of paint—all for the sake of one masterful image. The process itself is an act of art but nothing compares to the completed project: ornate scenes where the artist himself disappears into the background. Each work questions the idea of visibility. …

S1-A Camouflage Riding Jersey

Initially a limited edition piece, Search and State’s S1-A riding jersey has just been released again—but in a deeper camo colorway than before. This three-pocket cycling jersey, featuring a compartmentalized back pocket, is soft and comfortable to wear, while highly durable. The jersey is again only available in a limited edition.

Fleet of Dazzle Wrapping Paper

Unexpected but exciting bedfellows, the Imperial War Museum and the London-based pattern specialists Patternity have collaborated on a line of wrapping paper (and other items) printed with the camouflage patterns used to disguise ships during WWI. Aptly called “Fleet of Dazzle,” the kaleidoscopic motifs do just that with optic pops and mesmerizing lines in graphic black and white.