Save Rex Ranch

Longtime Director of Digital Initiatives at Sundance Joseph Beyer wants to transform an abandoned dude ranch in Arizona into a cultural arts mecca

Can an organization raise $735,000 in 40 days to buy an abandoned dude ranch in the southwestern Arizona desert? It just might be possible with Joseph Beyer—eternal optimist and Director of Digital Initiatives at the Sundance Institute—personally leading the cause, armed with the vision of transforming the historic Rex Ranch into an interdisciplinary arts and culture mecca. Built in the 1880s in the small town …

Guerilla Advertising 2

A new book celebrating brand-appropriate ingenuity in today's marketing-saturated world

Today’s successful advertising campaign has evolved well beyond the simple television product spot or the full page fashion spread—formulas we’re sometimes so familiar with they almost disappear. Pointed out in Guerrilla Advertising, Gavin Lucas’ first book on the subject published in 2006, current marketing tools span all mediums and are so artfully crafted for their target audience, it’s difficult to sort out what is advertising …

The Pico Creative Loft

How Gap is reinventing 1969 through their design-driven heritage

Sponsored by Gap

For the past year, Gap has been designing their 1969 denim line in a former cigar factory on a quiet industrial block in Los Angeles. Known as the Pico Creative Loft, the move from their San Francisco headquarters signals a renewed focus on design, one that draws on Gap’s heritage of accessible quality, while also redefining their take on modern fashion in the process. When …