The Provocateurs

Nau's portrait series of brand ambassadors from film, food, design and more

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Identifying 12 people that truly represent the Nau spirit, the Portland-based brand created ten compelling profiles of subjects spanning writers to butchers. As part of their ongoing project called “Portraits of our Friends,” Nau’s Provocateurs live by codes in keeping with the Nau ethos and serving as a benchmark for the type of people for which they design their products.

nau-pelly.jpg nau-adrian.jpg nau-truckfarm.jpg

To capture the essence of each, Nau continued their collaboration with photographer Eden Batki and filmmakers Thomas Oliver and Jordan Strong, the duo behind Into the Woods. Working together to shoot both still photos and video, the team brings the stories behind these notable individuals to life.

nau-beebe.jpg nau-holt.jpg nau-dee.jpg

The group represents a range of vocations and interests, from home design to butchery but every person is compelling in their own way. Adrian Grenier and Daniela Sea get commended for using their celebrity status to speak out and give back to their chosen causes, providing clean drinking water to developing nations and working to end violence against women, respectively. Daniel Sharp, Nau’s principal photographer, shoots smart and spontaneous images that resonate for the brand’s designers. Camas Davis, food writer and founder of a sustainable meat collective is a forceful advocate for locally-sourced foods and responsible consumption.
Jeremy Pelley
of creative team
Official Manufacturing Co.
, the brains behind the brand identity of Ace hotels, impresses with his business manifesto, which boasts lines like “Kill your ego and fear of failure.”

To learn more about the portrait series and get to know The Provocateurs, visit the Nau blog.