Milan Design Week 2022: Sit Here

Five inspiring chairs featured in this year's illustrious exposition

To walk through Milan Design Week, whether in the halls of the Salone del Mobile trade show or across the citywide exhibits that comprise Fuorisalone, is to learn the difference that a line makes. Chairs—some of the most common home furnishings—vary so much due to material, craftsmanship and quality. But it’s the lines that compose their unique silhouettes that define their significance and one degree of difference sometimes …

Culture Lab Detroit

A forum for design invigoration within a city alive with creative thinking

Detroit has more than the makings of a contemporary cultural capital; the city holds a rich history as a pioneer in music and industrial innovation. But there’s no shortage of current programs that continue to encourage artists to foster, evolve and perpetuate its legacy. One of America’s best MFA curriculums, Cranbrook, exists just a few miles north of downtown and inspires people with vibrant passions …

Cool Hunting Video: Campana Brothers

The Brazilian brothers sat down with us to discuss their new work and their thoughts on design

On the eve of their first solo show in the United States, the infamous Campana brothers sat down with us for a chat. With a series of new work on display until 3 July, 2013, the brothers discussed their childhood, inspirations and their ethos on design.