Butterfly Candle

Osaka, Japan-based candlemaker Olga Goose balances the cute with the off-kilter in a kind of Art Brut manner. This butterfly candle is no exception, with its cheerful face and bright colors. Entirely handmade, it promises a subtle fragrance and a vibrant look.

Woody Mini Candle Bundle

From the gender-defying brand Boy Smells comes a six-piece mini candle bundle full of smoky, spicy and woody scents. This curated collection contains favorites like Ash, Redhead, Cedar Stack, St. Al, Cinderose and Hinoki Fantôme, and each three-ounce candle is crafted from a blend of beeswax and coconut, topped with a braided cotton wick. Rich with layered and warm fragrances (such as fireplace, jasmine and …

Wary Meyers Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle and Soap

While the ephemeral sakura will soon fade, extend the season through these scented bundles of joy

Having been loyal followers of Wary Meyer’s Instagram account for some time (where they post interior design inspiration from the ’60s and ’70s that kindle a deep yearning), we were excited to learn that the husband and wife duo’s newest offering is timed perfectly with the season: Japanese Cherry Blossom scented candles and soaps. Blending hints of pomegranate, green bamboo, oak, vanilla and currant, they …