Wary Meyers Japanese Cherry Blossom Candle and Soap

While the ephemeral sakura will soon fade, extend the season through these scented bundles of joy


Having been loyal followers of Wary Meyer’s Instagram account for some time (where they post interior design inspiration from the ’60s and ’70s that kindle a deep yearning), we were excited to learn that the husband and wife duo’s newest offering is timed perfectly with the season: Japanese Cherry Blossom scented candles and soaps. Blending hints of pomegranate, green bamboo, oak, vanilla and currant, they evoke a peaceful, sunny moment after a sudden spring shower, with the ground still fresh and dewy. While the sakura—ephemeral in their nature—will soon fall from the trees, the candle and soap help extend the season a bit longer indoors.

In the duo’s previous lives in NYC, John was the display director for Anthropology, while Linda was a graphic designer. Together, they’ve always had a natural knack for finding beauty and charm in the unexpected. “We started out doing interiors—very cheaply for our friends—then wrote a book based on a column we used to have in Time Out NY called ‘Tossed & Found,'” says Linda. After moving to Maine, the couple found a way to channel their creative energy and make a living through soaps and candles—which have made their way into about 100 stores now. “Creatively, the striped soaps give us endless opportunity to play around with the graphic design and ‘sculpture,’ while the candles transport our imaginations into faraway lands and experiences,” Linda notes.


Linda and John Meyers make everything themselves in their Maine studio (converted from a former hair salon that was attached to their house). Linda makes the soaps with bold stripes and bright colors, John makes the candles and they even handprint their packaging on 100% recycled paper. Each new product is always centered on a foundational concept. “In the case of Japanese Cherry Blossom, we were working on a floral-scented candle and a red striped soap, which morphed into a blossoming tree and a more subdued coral colorway, which abstractly looks like a rectangular Mt Fuji. There ends up being an inspiration behind everything,” Linda tells CH.

Candles, soaps and more can be purchased online at Wary Meyers. Be sure to check out their other scents (the cucumber and cilantro soap is also a visually stunning gradient of green), as well as vintage finds and artwork, such as their Boob Print.

And for those in NYC who want the real deal, now is the time to visit the hundreds of cherry trees at Brooklyn Botanic Garden as many are already in peak bloom. Their annual festival Sakura Matsuri, celebrating Japanese culture underneath the gorgeous blooms, takes place this weekend, from 25 to 26 April 2015.

Studio image courtesy of Wary Meyers, product images by Cool Hunting