Milk Caramel Cookie Chocolate Bar

Certified B Corp and fair trade, international chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely works to end child labor and modern slavery in cocoa farms across the world (which is the result of large corporation purchasing power and ensuing conditions). For their chocolate bars, Tony’s Chocolonely adheres to five transparent sourcing principles that include longterm investments in farmers and their communities. Once limited edition, their four beloved Sweet …

Moon Rocks Chocolate Bar

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Seattle Chocolate and The Museum of Flight concocted an out-of-this-world bar. Featuring a delightfully rich and creamy milk chocolate truffle base and popping rock candy, it’s a playful treat that’s drenched in nostalgia—right down to the Jessica Allen-designed packaging.

Ocho Candy

Resourceful dads come up with crowd-pleasing organic chocolate bars

Certainly, there’s sugar everywhere. You may have a hankering for the traditional, mass-produced Mars bars and bionic sours on every corner, or wish to hold out for a more sophisticated free-trade 70% cacao gourmet morsel with enough antioxidants to be classified as a superfood. What about a little bit of both? Noticing a void between the extremes of super-processed and highly sophisticated, naturally, were a …