Liddabit Sweets

Re-imagining traditional candy bars


Herds of experimental chocolate makers have entered the game in recent years, while the crowd championing traditional American candy bars remains much more subdued. Brooklyn-based Liddabit Sweets is one of a few confectionaries aiming to reverse-engineer the classic bar with a heritage touch. While we’ve enjoyed their creative caramels in the past (particularly the “Beer & Pretzel” variety), we were once again impressed by the marriage of classic flavors and natural ingredients in their signature “Snack’r” candy bar.

Founders Liz Gutman and Jen King became friends in culinary school, bonding over their shared vision of taking high-end confectionary beyond classic French bonbons and molded chocolates. Shortly after introducing their sweets to the Brooklyn Flea’s “Smorgasburg“, they were able to quit their day jobs to maintain what remains a small operation making bars cut and dipped by hand. Materials for their creations are sourced locally, with honey from the Tremblay Apiaries, chocolate from Taza, dairy from Ronnybrook and beer from the Brooklyn Brewery.


Mother’s Day marks an expansion in the Liddabits line with the addition of “Lemon Moe-ringue“, a tart and tangy take on a classic meringue with lemon agar jelly candy topped with bruléed lemon-zest marshmallow, named for King’s mom. An ode to Gutman’s mother, the yet-to-be-released “Janberry Shortcake” layers strawberry jelly candy and tarragon shortbread under a coating of white chocolate. Also in the works is the “Vegan Coconut-Ginger Caramel”, which promises a wacky departure from the more traditional fare.

Liddabit Sweets will be offering a “Mamacita Gift Package” for Mother’s Day, and the duo have plans to release a cookbook this coming Fall. All the goods can be found at the Liddabit Sweets online store.

Photos by James Thorne