Parish Hall Caramel Corn

The serious foodies behind acclaimed Brooklyn restaurants Egg and Parish Hall add their farm-to-table touch to popping fresh caramel corn. Produced at upstate NY’s Blooming Hill Farm, this sweet and savory snack is doused in caramel and spiced with fennel and cayenne pepper.

Salted Bourbon Caramel Sauce

The Salted Bourbon Caramel Sauce is for the boozie foodie—the infusion of Kentucky Straight Bourbon will imbibe, and the tongue-smacking creaminess of the cajeta caramel (similar to dulce de leche but is goat milk-based) will punch you in the mouth with goodness. A pinch of organic sea salt brings it all together. Handcrafted on a Vermont family farm, the Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauces are …

Matcha Green Tea Caramels

The perfect sweet for an afternoon pick-me-up, these quirky Japanese candies combine green tea and caramel flavors to surprisingly tasty effect.