Citroën’s Electric Car Made from Recycled Cardboard

The French automaker's new EV concept car, Oli, prepares for a world with less resource

Pure, purposeful and defined by extreme horizontal and vertical lines, Citroën’s new electric vehicle concept car, Oli, is a future-forward family vehicle built for a world with scarce resources. Eschewing metal and steel, Oli’s roof and hood, co-created with BASF, are made from recycled corrugated cardboard that forms a honeycomb structure sandwiched between fiberglass panels. Other elements—including recycled bumpers, textiles and plastic that acts as …

Watch a Cardboard Guitar Come to Life

For their latest experimental project, Signal Snowboards—a company known for previously building a skateboard, push bike and surfboard from cardboard—has ventured into the music world. Teaming up with Fender and Ernest Packaging, they built a custom Stratocaster guitar completely from the paper product and then passed it around to factory workers and musicians to test it out. Watch the cardboard guitar come to life at …

I Love to Kick Foosball Table

World Cup only comes once every four years, but you can the energy alive everyday with a competitive (or friendly) game of foosball. Kartoni’s affordable cardboard table makes it easy—complete with a wooden ball, customizable players, cup holders and a smartphone speaker, this portable table is ready to go anytime and anywhere you want to play.