The Most Quoted Man in News

Cardboard boombox, Ai Weiwei selfies, Greg Packer's ban and more in our look at the web this week

It takes someone special to be banned from giving interviews by the Associated Press. Greg Packer did not gain this unusual yet remarkable honor by misconduct or heroism—he simply showed up. Packer, a former highway maintenance worker who now dedicates his time to being front and center at major events, has been quoted by almost 1,000 different news outlets. In addition to meeting four US Presidents and two Popes, Packer is also credited with buying the first iPhone. While it may seem odd, Packer’s commitment to being involved with events from a personal—rather than digital—experiential standpoint is admirable in the 24-hour news cycle climate of the day. Plus, it proves anyone can get involved with major events if they’re willing to show up early and wait.