China’s Spectacular Molten Metal “Fireworks”

A 500-year-old Lunar New Year ritual in Nuanquan, China (a short span, considering the nation has celebrated the holiday for 3,800 years), Da Shuhua involves Chinese blacksmiths tossing molten iron at an icy door to create a riveting shower of sparks. The name translates to “beating down the tree flowers,” which refers to an agricultural practice that stimulates growth in fruit-bearing plants. It was developed as a …

Celebration: Rolling On

Bright and exciting from start to finish, “Rolling On” will be the opening track of Celebration’s forthcoming Wounded Healer album. A chugging bass line, peppy organ work and singer Katrina Ford’s dynamic vocals drive the song forward with joy and fervor. The LP will be the Baltimore trio’s fifth and, from the early teases, vibrance seems to be a through-line.

Hot Dog Country

The artful side of Americana on a bun

Before the sun sets and the fireworks go off, many Americans will celebrate independence by downing a delectable dog—from a Southern Slaw to Maine’s Red Snapper, the style of wiener is nearly as varied as the country itself. To celebrate, here are 10 of our favorite works elevating the humble hot dog from the grill to the realm of fine art and design. If Don …