Katrina Ford: Go Deep

Lush, layered and easy to love for its retro-tinged pop style, “Go Deep” is the fourth single from singer-songwriter Katrina Ford’s forthcoming first-ever solo EP (out 24 June). Ford, a beloved indie-rock fixture since her debut as the front woman of the band Celebration, also created the track’s charming, collage-like music video. When asked about the song, Ford paints a detailed picture as a deeper explanation, “I had a dream about speeding down a cliff road in a borrowed yellow Lamborghini. Roaring to the shore, to visit a fortune teller on the pier. I was told she lies before I saw her. Confused, I left, walking past piles of riches, gold statues, jewels and cash dumped in the sand littering the beach. A family of beggars in black rags, approached me on the boardwalk. I had nothing, to give. My only valuable was to accept myself without outside influence. Everyone was trying to influence me but I was finding home within, and letting myself be rooted in my own self-belief, despite the cliff dwelling Lamborghini owner, despite the lying fortune teller, despite the beggars. I could hold on.”