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Shuji Nakagawa

Vase by Nakagawa Mokkouegi


Third-generation woodworker Shuji Nakagawa at Nakagawa Mokkouegi in Shiga used a 700-year-old technique called Ki-Oke (or bucket-making) to craft these vases—in an edition of 30 unique pieces. Today there are just a …

Slow Factory + COOL HUNTING

“Moon Selfie” Silk Bandana


Best known for printing high-resolution images on the highest quality natural Italian silks, Slow Factory blends old-world luxury with new technology. Each collection they release explores stories about human rights and environmental …


COOL HUNTING Omakase 2019


From our deep respect and adoration of Japanese culture, we drew the word “omakase” (meaning “expert’s choice”) in 2016 to name our annual collection of collaboratively produced, limited edition and early release …