CH Omakase 2017: Tea Drunk Private Sessions

A foray into top-quality bespoke Chinese tea, at the East Village cafe

As journalists and explorers, we are drawn to many different types of people but experts and those profoundly passionate about what they do tend to top our list. Shunan Tang of NYC’s Tea Drunk is the most knowledgable individual about Chinese teas that we’ve met. She’s so passionate that she commissions all of her teas—leaves, styles—from farmers directly. She’s hands-on to the point that she selects bushes on farms and guides small farmers on their processes. Thus, what Shunan sells in NYC are more or less bespoke teas of her own, specific design. They’re also quite limited, produced by small farmers across the various tea regions. For CH Omakase, we have offered one customer a private session at Drunk Tea’s East Village cafe—and seven friends can join the custom, commissioned experience. Three special teas were chosen for this experience that represent different regions and styles. Recognizing that we’re lucky to have Shunan here in NYC, we are actually taking it one step further and inviting all Omakase clients to a personal tasting to be shared together in the coming months.

CH Omakase is a collection of never seen before, pre-release and collaboratively designed gifts delivered in time for a holiday surprise. You can see our collection from this past season here.

Images by Cool Hunting