Django Django feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg: Waking Up

From the brand new Django Django album, Glowing in the Dark (out today), “Waking Up” finds the turbo-charged London electronic rockers taking it down a notch to collaborate with actress and singer-songwriter Charlotte Gainsbourg. The edgy folk-influenced rock number follows three electrified singles from the album, the deep house-influenced title track, the psychedelic “Spirals” and the astoundingly pop-friendly “Free from Gravity.” The album itself is …

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Dream-pop hypnotism, a soulful holiday tune and more new music this week

Bill Baird: Mosquito With “Mosquito,” Bill Baird lays his latest rhythmic track atop mesmerizing, repetitious visuals in a music video of his own production and direction. The song is pulled from Owl, Baird’s most recent release with the Los Angeles art collective Arthur King Presents. The reflective nature of the song—underscored by the symbolism in the video—goes deeper than the insect and into more psychological territory. …

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Bombs Away

From Take 2, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s sundry five-track EP, “Bombs Away” rides on dance floor-ready synth waves. Gainsbourg’s vocals—and the narrative lyrics—set a tone of curious immediacy. The track, which was produced by SebastiAn, joins a cover of Kanye West’s “Runaway,” a live version of Gainsbourg’s hit “Deadly Valentine,” and two other new songs on the EP—one that demonstrate the depth of the singer’s vision and (bilingual) capabilities.